Your one-stop for motorcycle safety training! Weekday and weekend classes in Irving, Gatesville, and Waco/Bellmead.


Note start times on the registration schedule and your email confirmation!  


Prices effective through December 31, 2016.

Discounts for: Basic Rider Course.  See Prices tab.


The Dirt Bike School - $125/rider or $500 Family/Group


ROV Recreational Off-highway Vehicle Basic DriverCourse - $150

This course teaches you the basics of operating your side-by-side safely. The course is approximately 2-hours; you must be 16-years or older and hold a valid driver license.  The ROV e-Course is a required prerequisite; please bring your completion certificate to the class.


Basic Rider Course - $195.00  This is the Motorcycle Safety Foundation (MSF) beginner motorcycle safety course to get the M-endorsement on your driver license in Texas.  You must be able to balance a two-wheel bicycle before riding a motorcycle in this course.

Price through February 28, 2016:  $175!


3-wheel Basic Rider Course - $250.00 This is the required course to get the M-endorsement on your driver license to operate a trike/Spyder. 


BRC2 - $80.00 


Total Control Intermediate Riding Clinic - $250.00 If you have intermediate riding skills, you may take this motorcycle safety class to get the M-endorsement on your rider license. If you have the M-endorsement and want to improve your skills, this also is the course to take!

Our RiderCoaches are certified by the Motorcycle Safety Foundation (MSF) to teach MSF curriculum and are state-approved to teach all curriculum offered. Successful completion of the Basic RiderCourse waives the driving test in Texas if you are over 18-years old.  Other states may also accept the MSF certificate from Texas; check your State Highway Patrol/Drivers License Bureau before taking the course in Texas.


In the following pages, you'll find information about our courses, payment and refund policies, and the gear you will need to attend the course. Interested in our courses? Simply contact us - We look forward to hearing from you!


There are three classes you may take to get your motorcycle license in Texas:

MSF Basic RiderCourse (2-day class for beginners on two wheels). MSF Three Wheel Basic RiderCourse (2-day class for beginners, or new-to-trike riders, on their trike). Trike-only restriction. 

Total Control Intermediate Riding Clinic (1-day class for those with intermediate riding skill, their own insured and street-legal bike and their own gear).


Active and retired military, National Guard, and Reservists, law enforcement, and full-time firefighters (and their families as well!) are eligible for a discount.  Call (254) 214-6627 for the Promo Code needed to take advantage of the discount.


The BRC satisfies the current DoD requirement to complete the prescribed motorcycle safety course.  


Courses count for continuing education for those that have a TCOLE license. We will need some information from your TCOLE card when you attend the BRC and we will submit the form to TxDOT/DPS for you.


Ticket dismissal - ask the Court about Texas Code of Criminal Procedure - Article 45.0511 before signing-up.  The Court may accept course completion for tickets issued while riding a motorcycle.

Take a ride!

Our 2-wheel Basic Rider Course

We provide the motorcycle; you provide the open mind and motorcycle enthusiasm.  The Motorcycle Safety Foundation (MSF) is sponsored by the manufacturers and distributors of BMW, Ducati, Harley-Davidson, Honda, Kawasaki, KTM, Piaggio/Vespa, Suzuki, Victory, Yamaha, and Triumph motorcycles. 


During the riding exercises, you must provide:

1. Eye protection (glasses, sun glasses, or helmet with face shield or visor)

2. Long-sleeve shirt or jacket

3. Long pants; denim preferred.  Sorry, no holes.

4. Full-fingered gloves (leather preferred)

5. Over-the-ankle boots.  High-top tennis shoes are not acceptable. 


Note:  You may wear your own helmet but it must be DOT-approved.  We have helmets and gloves you may borrow during the range exercises.

Convince yourself!